Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kaffe’s Kandy Celebration

I have just finished this quilt for Julie:


A very modern bright quilt for Julie’s niece who is turning 21.


This is the fourth quilt made with this pattern that I have quilted. I love them all!

I so wanted to take a nice picture with our Rhododendron in the background but it’s just too bright today and the quilt is going home soon. No time for another photo.Never mind you may still like to look.


Thanks for asking me to quilt your quilt Julie. I hope your niece loves it.

Bye for now


  1. Julie's quilt is gorgeous - love that fabric!

  2. Gorgeous quilt but that Rhododendron bush - WOW! Take care.

  3. Even though the quilt is a bit bright for my taste, I know it will be perfect for a young woman celebrating her 21st birthday.

    So lovely to see green grass and gorgeous blooms again.


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