Monday, March 17, 2014

Still on the slow boat…..

…….we had an uninterrupted day at home today so lots more stitches went into that  quilt.

I am using my favourite Magnifico gold thread on these Japanese style fabric. It looks so good.


A new to me square petal flower on this block:


A stretched star around this block:

Double picture blockIMG_0291

This block called for curved lines:

Curved PicMonkey Collage

Some just pretend SID in this faux patchwork:


Not and far to go now, finished tomorrow I hope.


  1. It's looking great Linda. It's nice to be able to take your time on a quilt. I am in slow mode too and must really make a start. Looking forward to seeing photos of this quilt finished.

  2. Love that Magnifico gold thread too! Looking good.

  3. Gold thread is perfect for that quilt ....Im getting quite excited about seeing the finished article. You go girl!

  4. this is coming along wonderfully


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