Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Heart for a Heart

Recently a friend of mine had open heart surgery. Knowing that her chest will be very tender and in need of protection I have made her a Heart protection pillow. 


I'm hoping this will give her comfort as well as protection. 



  1. Such a great idea! I do know that any sneezing, coughing etc, will need that extra support, so well done you!

  2. what a beautiful gift and I am sure it will help your friend wishing her a speedy recovery

  3. Beautiful, stitched with love. This will be so close to her heart so often.

  4. Hospitals give heart patients a heart pillow, but nothing as grand as the one you made for your friend. She is going to love this pillow and the friendship behind it.

  5. A thoughtful and beautiful cushion, Linda.


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